Zebra Bottle Cap Magnet Ring

Here's how to get started with this fun project.
Materials needed:
Rubber stamp (an icon or single subject stamp works best.) 
Shrink film (I used Grafix film in white.  Black or opaque film works great, too.)
StazOn Jet Black ink (a solvent ink that dries fast on glossy surfaces)
Bottle cap (1 inch silver with magnet built in)
Metal adjustable ring blank
Large scissors
Solvent based markers
Heat gun or oven
Deep Red Stamps Zebra stamp measures, 2.75"wide  x 3.1" tall
Draw a circle around the design and cut it out using any scissors.  Decide to trim the design later depending on the size of your bottle cap.
Cutting the shrink plastic before heating makes it easier to trim once hardened since our desired final size is a circle.
I chose to heat shrink with a heat gun.  The recommended method is to bake in an oven.  Build a corral with acrylic blocks so the plastic doesn't fly across the table.
Use a pencil or X-Acto knife to unpin if edges stick together and quickly place acrylic block onto the plastic to get it to lay flat.  You only have a few seconds before it completely hardens.
Photo above shows how much the plastic shrank, how cool is that!
Before you trim the plastic to fit (in this project for a 1 inch bottle cap) cut out a template piece out of velum or transparency and place it over your design.  Decide what you want to be the final view of the design and draw around circle with pencil. This will be your trim line.
With very durable, large scissors (I used X-Acto brand), trim the cured plastic.  Use an open box on the table to do your cutting in so that the pieces of plastic don't fly around the room. (Similar to using a box when spray painting.) A rough edge is fine, sandpaper will help smooth the circle.
Your new plastic medallion is now complete!
Optionally, add color to your new medallion. 
Copic markers on hardened plastic work very well because they are solvent based.
Add E 6000 glue to the back of the medallion and place in the metal bottle cap.  (Photo above shows my testing of marker colors on the back.)
Add Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to the bottle cap.  Get rid of any bubbles with the tip of X-Acto knife. Let dry for 3 plus hours.
You can add pin backs, hair pin blanks, ring blanks, chain, etc.  Depending on what type of bottle caps you decide to use.  Many types of bottle caps are available on the market: ones with magnet already in them or pre-drilled holes ready to attach to a necklace. The one pictured above is a black, flat bottle cap that a pin back was glued onto the back.
For the Zebra Ring, I used a silver bottle cap with the magnet already in it and it easily attached onto a metal adjustable ring base.

That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave

This 5 inch x 7 inch card features our Old Glory and Combat Boots Rubber Stamps.  The wave of the flag overlaps the combat boots section and the cards' colors are red, white and blue. The actual supplies needed for this card are very simple (see end for list).
The base of the card was cutout of an 12 inch x 12 inch paper.
Quick hint: To get a 5x7 card size, cut at 7 inch mark and then cut at the 10 inch mark.  Fold the 10 inch in half and you have a 5 inch face and 7 inch tall card.
The rest of the papers were cutout using 8 1/2" x 11" card stock.
First blue matte: 4 1/2" x 6 3/4"
White matte: 4 1/4" x 6 1/2"
(The white matte is the base of our stamped flag, boots and strips compilation.)
For the Old Glory section (red), the paper size is: 4" wide x 5"
For the Combat Boots section (blue), the paper size is: 4" wide x 3 1/4"
Note: your red section will be partially placed under the blue section to create the waving flag.
Stamp or emboss your images. (Embossing hint: rub a dryer sheet onto the paper to lessen the static before stamping with watermark ink).  Flag is embossed in black (a dark blue embossing powder would work great, too) and the boots are embossed in white.
Cut the right side of the flag out completely.  And cut under the flag halfway so the blue section fits under it.

Cut 5 strips of paper out of both the blue and red about 1/4" wide x 4" long.  These will be placed next to the flag and glued to the white paper matte first.
Before you begin glueing, layout your sections mark where your stripes will be.  This is important so that your red and blue strips of paper look straight and evenly spaced.
Glue your red and blue stripes first, then the red Old Glory section and finally the Combat Boots blue section.  Remember do not apply glue on the waving flag tip so you can slide the blue section under it.

Add a blue grosgrain ribbon where the blue and red sections meet, a white bow to the left of center and finally some jewels above and below the white bow.  A white gel pen was used to color in the stars of 'Old Glory'. You'll be proud to give this card to a special veteran!

Featured stamps...
Combat Boots Rubber Stamp Deep Red Stamps
Old Glory Rubber Stamp Deep Red Stamps

Other supplies:
12 inch x 12 inch paper: blue
8.5 inch x 11 inch papers: red, white and blue
Versamark watermark stamp pad
White embossing powder
Black (or dark blue) embossing powder

Grosgrain ribbon in white and blue
Jewels in red and blue

Scissors, glue stick, and a paper cutter

Stamping Sunflowers

Our 'Color Me Sunflower' Rubber Stamp (3" x 4") isn't the only sunflower in our collection.  We also have:
Large Sunflower which measures 3.25" x 3.25" originally made from an actual photo.
Harvest Sunflower rubber stamp, measures 2.4" x 3.4"
Sunflowers Background rubber stamp, measures 3" x 4" (also from a photo)
and Wild Sunflowers rubber stamp, measures 2" x 2"

Acrylic Paint Stamping

 Stamping with acrylic paint is easy and creates a richer, bolder impressions.  You can stamp onto more surfaces such as textured papers, cork, wood, metal, and even fabric.  Use a brayer to apply paint onto rubber stamp.
 Celtic Key Rubber Stamp in red acrylic paint onto cotton fabric.  Paper oval cutout on an 5.25" x 5.25" card.
Celtic Key Rubber Stamp in our store
Leopard Print Background Rubber Stamp in red acrylic paint onto glossy photo paper.  Watercolors added in the corners. Cheetah Rubber Stamp in magenta dye stamping ink.  A2 card.

Leopard Print Background Rubber Stamp
Cheetah Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamped Coasters

Handmade wooden coasters with rubber stamped designs, here is the 'how to.'

A pack of wooden circles are inexpensive and can be found at Wal-Mart, or craft supply stores.  This package used in this project came with quantity 6 pieces for about $1.

Prepare the surface of the wood by brushing a coat of water based sealer.  Optionally, you can use actual wood sealer in clear or a light color from a home improvement store (requires light sanding in between coats).  I only applied one coat of water-based sealer and allowed to fully dry (2 to 5 minutes).

Stamp with resist pad (VersaMark 'Frost' was used in this project, but any resist pad will work.

Add embossing powder of your choice of color.  Darker colors stand out more.  You can use gold, silver, glitter, etc.
The best way to easily remove any excess embossed particles is with an X-acto knife.
Rubber stamps featured:
Anchor https://www.deepredstamps.com/anchor-rubber-stamp.html?category_id=9
Pocket Watch https://www.deepredstamps.com/pocket-watch-rubber-stamp.html?category_id=9
Quoth the Raven https://www.deepredstamps.com/quoth-the-raven-rubber-stamp.html?category_id=9
Ships Wheel https://www.deepredstamps.com/ships-wheel-rubber-stamp.html?category_id=9
Bubble Bee https://www.deepredstamps.com/bumblebee-rubber-stamp.html?category_id=7
Gears Background https://www.deepredstamps.com/gears-background-rubber-stamp.html?category_id=14

For stamping onto wood, it is important to use rubber stamps since they offer the best ink transfer (in this case the resist material).  Also, using designs that have good lines and not too much grungy effects appear better with embossing onto the wood surface.  Have fun creating your coasters.  And if you are bold, creating Christmas tree ornaments with wood by attaching a ribbon to the top or hole would be cool, too!

Pocket Card Journaling

Deep Red Stamps featured above:
Butterfly Flourish

Deep Red Stamps featured above:
Summer Flowers Border
Blue Jays
Also shown above: Deep Red Stamps Seagull Stamp

An album protector sheet is perfect for creating a 12 x 12 journal page filled with pocket cards.   Four of the pockets are 4" x 6" and the other four are 3" x 4".  Easily create a mood and colors using rubber stamps, die cuts, and wood embellishments for each card and an overall theme is created in no time.

Vintage Transportation

Featured above on an A2 card:
Indian Motorcycle
Hardtail Motorcycle
View all of our motorcycle rubber stamps here.

 Featured stamp: Abandoned Truck
 Classic Corvette Rubber Stamp
 Classic Pickup Truck Rubber Stamp in green watercolor.

 Rusty Tractor on a orange watercolor background.
 Rusty Truck on a pink watercolor background.

VW Bug in orange watercolor background.

I Heart Roses

We are so excited about all the new releases for the 1st quarter of 2017, especially all of the new rose designs.  They are so detailed and beautiful to stamp.  Roses are the perfect flower for just about any occasion.
Stamp featured above: English Roses measures 2" x 3.2" (5 cm x 8,1 cm)

Some of our existing catalog features many pretty rose stamps like the one above: Rose Blooms, measures 3.1" x 3.1" (7,8 cm x 7,8 cm)

Above in the center is our Rose Engraving stamp measuring 2.1" x 2.1" (5,3 cm x 5,3 cm)

Rose Frame rubber stamp is one of my personal favorites.  All of the intricate leaves and bow comes out perfectly, especially when embossed. 3" x 3.25" (7,6 cm x 8,2 cm)

Another one of the newest releases is the Rose Sketch rubber stamp (above) measuring at 2" x 4" (5 cm x 10,1 cm)
To see all of the newly featured rose stamps we have click here to view online in our store.  There are some that are not pictured above, such as Roses Pen and Ink, Rose Border, Roses Background....you just can't have too many roses!

Zebra Bottle Cap Magnet Ring

Here's how to get started with this fun project. Materials needed: Rubber stamp (an icon or single subject stamp works best.)...