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Rubber Stamping Bunting Flags and Bonus Project

Making your own swag to hang on the wall or bulletin board is a super fun project. Whether it's for holiday decor, a party or a classroom, creating bunting flags will 'wow' everyone.  ​Here's some fun ideas:  1) Use holiday themed stamps for Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas.  See our Holiday themed stamps here. 2) Use animals for home/office decor or for the classroom.  See our Animals Stamps here. 3) Bonus: you can use the triangle shape to create little trays to hold seed beads.  ​This is a d ual-use template for creating 2 different great!  Seed Bead Tray Project, (see bottom of this post.) We've created a free bunting flag template for you to print out and make your own. Below are some tips and tricks to make the creating process goes smoothly.  Materials needed: Paper - card stock, smooth, any thickness. Vary your colors or use just one color. String - about 24 inches. Cut 3 sections; (depends on how many swags you want to make). You
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Flowers in A Pocket Get Well Card

Making a get well card requires some extra creativity to do it's job - bring joy and happiness to the recipient. Here, we continue using our  Denim Pocket Rubber Stamp , this time making a special and original greeting card.  Using beads to spell out part of the message gives it a unique 3-D effect. The card above is a 5x7 greeting card made to look like a shirt. Using a pretty gingham pattern paper, the denim pocket stamp, and some pearl jewels, a 'get well' card is made that is creative and unisex. First, choose your shirt design from a patterned paper and cut it to 5 inch x 7 inch. You will need a 1 inch strip of 7 inches (for the button line) and another 2 inch wide piece that is at least 4 inches long for the collar. The button line strip of paper will need to be folded along the 2 long edges to give it a real shirt look. Use back of an xacto knife and ruller to score your lines. Hint: use an acrylic block to crease your lines. Glue your folds on the back. Add stitches

Denim Pocket Sew Project

Our Denim Pocket Rubber Stamp is a versatile stamp for paper crafts and fabric crafts. I'll show you how to use it to make a cute and useable pocket embellishment on a t-shirt. You'll need: fabric piece at least 3.5" x 3.5" fusing layer (iron on or sew in) stamping ink (any type) ​Denim Pocket Rubber Cling Stamp, Deep Red Stamps pins t-shirt scissors You can hand sew or machine sew, your choice. If you use iron on fusing, you can simply hand sew the pocket onto the tee, so a sewing machine is optional. For my fabric, I chose a cotton chevron print that looks good on the grey cotton t-shirt. I got this fabric from the quilting/fabric section (they're called, 'fat quarters" and they folded and pre-labeled in the store). Walmart and Amazon have many patterns available. Also, you can use any fancy fabric, like silk or velvet since you aren't actually stamping onto the fabric. Cut a piece of your fabric at least 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches. The denim pocket me

Chocolate Box Tutorial and Free Template

We have a free chocolate box template that accommodates a Hershey bar that you can decorate. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season or any special occasion. I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan. So, working on a chocolate box design, I couldn't help but think of the scene in season 6 where Rory calls to find out if Loralie is coming to her 21st Birthday Party..... LUKE: They're making the chocolate boxes right now, and she needs to know if you're coming so they can make you one. LORELAI: I didn't know I was invited. LUKE: She said she sent you an invitation. LORELAI: I didn't know it was from her. (a bit louder and closer to the phone, Luke holds the phone up for her) I didn't know it was from you! RORY: Well, it was. Is she coming or not? LORELAI: Yes, I-I'm coming. I want a chocolate box. This chocolate box will make an awesome gift. Here is the link to download the free Chocolate Box Template: Print out th