Mandala Starter and Free Download

While everyone is looking for things to do at home, coloring is a great way to pass the time and lessen anxiety. Sit in a comfy chair by a window or even outside if the weather is nice and enjoy the fresh air.
We have created a free download of a hand drawn mandala that you can print out and color in. To get the free .pdf download click here.
If you want to draw your own mandala, I have come up with some tips to make it fun. You can use office paper or card stock...any paper thickness will work.
  • Trim an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper to 8.5" so that you have a square page (8.5" x 8.5")
  • (If you have A4 sheet, trim to 210 mm so you have 210 mm x 210 mm)
  • Measure the center of the page and draw a line using a pencil (at 4.25" for letter size).
  • Turn the paper and measure the center again and draw another line
  • Now you have a cross in the center.
  • Draw a circle whatever size you wish.
  • Use a pencil to draw, then use a black marker over the pencil lines.
  • Alternate various arcs, swirls, fancy parenthesis like this }, dots, etc.
  • Once finished, you can color in your mandala with pencils or markers.
Optionally, you can stamp a design in the center to get a perfect start, such as our Quilt Flower Motif stamp. Or use any stamp design that is symmetrical. This helps you to create an un-skewed mandala on your page.
The Quilt Flower Motif stamp works beautifully because you can draw connecting lines on the points. A mandala is about how ornamental and connectivity of the circle. There is a reason it is used in art therapy. 
No special tools are required to start drawing mandalas. If you have ever doodled in school or a company meeting, you can do this. Once you draw one, you can then color it in using pencils or markers. Ahhh....let the relaxing begin :-)

Fireflies in a Mason Jar

When you paint or color on yellow paper, it is easy to create a night time look.  Our Mason Jar Rubber Cling Stamp is a fun stamp to capture fire flies.
Start by stamping or embossing the Mason Jar onto a yellow colored paper.  You can use yellow card stock that even has a little design to it.
For those that have never embossed:
Embossing is an easy method with rubber stamps that creates a 'wow' factor on paper. Our Mason Jar stamp is an excellent stamp for this. To emboss, you will need an special ink pad (like VersaMark or Ranger) that puts down a sticky surface so that the powder adheres to it. You then sprinkle embossing powder onto the design.  Then use a heat gun to 'melt' the powder so it becomes hardened, and thus, permanent.
Use oil pastels or water color pencils to color in the jar in blue.  Use both light and dark hues.
Use a watercolor pen or paint brush and some water to spread the ink/paint around.
Add additional color as needed but leave the center of the jar with little coloring.
Using a white gel pen, draw in your fireflies!
The Mason Jar stamp is a stamp that you will use over and over again.  You will think of new fun things to place 'inside' of the jar.  Above, I added a punched border with a fancy lacy pattern, some crystals and our Bumblebee Rubber Cling Stamp.
Some other examples of the Mason Jar Stamp include our Zebra Rubber Cling Stamp,(the letter Z and some embellishments were added to create an alphabet trading card),  Dragonfly Flourish Rubber Cling Stamp and Miss Sunshine Rubber Cling Stamp.
One final note: You can stamp the Mason Jar onto several surfaces, cut them out and piece them together. The lid was stamped onto copper sticker paper.  The bottom of the jar was stamped onto blue glitter paper, then cut with wave scissors to create the look of water.  Our Water Droplets Rubber Cling Stamp on white paper and trimmed to fit inside the jar makes up the top part.

Above is Dragonfly Flourish Rubber Cling Stamp embossed in gold with water color pencils coloring in the jar. A white gel pen was used to color in the wings and body of the dragonfly.
Overall, our Mason Jar stamp is one of our most popular stamps and you can see why.  So many ways to create a fun handmade greeting card or express yourself on a journal page. What will you put in your Mason Jar? Have fun everyone!

LOL & Make Someone's Day

An LOL booklet: It's 6 pages of 5 inch x 7 inch papers that feature stamped funny sayings and designs. The white paper insert on each page allows you to stamp with many different color inks. It was super fun designing this booklet.  We have so many stamps that are perfect for making an LOL card (or booklet in this case) for someone special that needs cheering up or who always has a smile for everyone.
First, choose the color scheme for your pages. You don't want to use too thick a card stock because someone has to flip through the pages.  Regular card stock pads that you buy at the craft store or online retailer, like the 8.5 x 11 or 12x12 paper pads work great and the color options are limitless.  I always like to lay out my color card stock before any project to coordinate the look.
Cut 7 pages of 5 inch by 7 inch pieces. This can be textured or smooth paper.
Then, use a smooth card stock and cut 6 pieces of 4.5 inch x 6 inch. The white paper is what you will be stamping on.
Now, stamp the funny sayings and corresponding designs on each page. 
Below is each page and the Deep Red stamps that were used in this project.
"Coffee Productivity Rubber Stamp", "Flying Man Rubber Stamp" and "Flourish Latte Rubber Stamp"  The flying man design matches perfectly with the saying about having unrealistic expectations after drinking a cup of latte!
"Voices in My Head Rubber Stamp" and "Always Succeed Rubber Stamp" (for the light bulb). The light bulb stamped image was cutout and glued onto the page. You can do either, stamp all stamps onto the paper or stamp and cutout the pieces, and then glue them on.  I found that stamping the main sentiment onto the page worked the best since you do not want to cut around text.  You can then stamp whatever designs onto separate paper, cut them out and glue them to the page.
"Superstitious Rubber Stamp" and "Lucky Leprechaun Rubber Stamp" This may be a stretch...but these 2 stamps make an awesome St. Patricks Day card.
"Keep the Dream Alive Rubber Stamp" and "Crescent Moon Rubber Stamp" The sentiment stamp was cut out from the clock so that I could use them separately.  I like the look of having text in the center about and images above and below.
"Seaweed Attack Rubber Stamp" "Whale Rubber Stamp" and "Water Droplets Rubber Stamp" For the water droplets to have a faint look, I used Distress Oxide ink in Tumbled Glass.  There were so many options for the Seaweed stamp, I almost used our Coral Reef Rubber Stamp, Altered Mermaid, Bubbles Background, Water Beads Background, Goldfish, School of Fish and probably a few more I haven't thought of!
"My Mind Wanders Rubber Stamp" and "Water Splash Rubber Stamp" The open lettering allow for coloring in and I had the fabulous idea of using yellow marker like a highlighter for the funny bits.

Be sure to glue your white inserts onto the right side of the 5x7 page to allow room for the binding.

For the binding, I used 3 grommets, but you can use your favorite method. 

The cover can be anything you like. I added little wooden letters for the {LOL} and added a pocket with a fun greeting slide.  An owl comes out from under the "What a Hoot" line. Rubber stamps used on the cover are:
"Birthday Prescription Rubber Stamp" (for 'your doctor recommended')
and "Laughter Between Friends Rubber Stamp" (for the word 'laughter')
How to make the pocket: Simply add chipboard pieces to the back of the card stock that has cut to about 4 1/2 inches by 4 inches. Use a rotary cutter and clear ruler to trim chipboard, or any type of recycled thick paper (chipboard from cereal works awesome for this!). Having a clear ruler really helps see through the guidelines on the mat.
Glue your chipboard pieces to the back of the pocket on 3 sides.  The thickness of the chipboard allows the What a Hoot insert to slide. Width of "What a Hoot" paper slide is 2 1/2 inches by 5 inches. The size of each chipboard support is about 1 inch wide, depending upon how big you wish to make the pocket. Try and fill all 3 side with the chipboard guides.
Add a ribbon to the top and you have a super cute booklet that you can give to someone special to cheer up their day!

 Here is a look at all 6 pages before they became the booklet.  We have so many funny sayings rubber stamps to help you create your perfect LOL book! Link to some of our other laugh out loud themed stamps.

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