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Spring Time Colors and Stamping

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The Sea is Calling

  ​The colors navy blue and white always go well together especially on a nautical themed card.  We have some amazing rubber stamps so you can create the perfect seaworthy projects. Above, our  Seagull Rubber Stamp  and  Pelican Rubber Stamp  stamped in a dark blue on white card stocks. Also in this post, I have a free printable download of some cute "sea" sayings in a variety of fonts. As a bonus, there are some watercolor icons on the page that will make perfect embellishments for your card or journal page. The text seen on the cards are on our free printable, 'The Sea is Calling' page,  ​click here to download pdf . On the Pelican card, I punched circles on each side of the post that he/she is standing on and wrapped twine around the post. On the Seagull card, I also stamped our  ​Compass Rubber Stamp   (we have 2 compasses to choose from) in a dark blue ink. Who doesn't like the sea? A nautical theme is timeless.

Watercolors and Rubber Stamps

  Water coloring is an easy and quick way to create something beautiful on paper. Pan watercolors, which are often very reasonably priced, are perfect to have in your craft supplies along with rubber stamps. We have many stamp designs that lend themselves to be colored in using a small paint brush.Here are some examples of stamping and painting with watercolors. Above, our  ​Circles Rubber Cling Stamp  in blue ink on watercolor paper, a black cardstock mat embossed with words and white card base. The  ​Circles Rubber Stamp  is one of our most versatile design for adding watercolors. The stamp measures about 4 inches x 6 inches in size. It is a design that you can stamp many times and never get bored with. Because of its universal theme, the stamp is great for a handmade card front and goes with any sentiment. It's also great for a journaling page since layers go well over it, while still showing pattern. Above photo is our  ​Circles Rubber Stamp  in a dark colored blue: Distress Ox

Me Time Stamping Ideas

It is very important to take time out of our busy days and spend it doing an activity that feeds the   soul.  Paper crafting offers many forms and not all of them are devoted to making cards for others. Cutting, folding, coloring, drawing, and even stamping creatively will nourish the soul and provide healing of the mind. Whether it's the busy holiday season or a just a particularly hectic period of your life, take time out for yourself. Here are some ideas and steps to inspire you today. All of the links below link to stamps on our DeepRedStamps site. Supplies: 1. A journal (at least one!) either handmade or purchased. From mini composition pads (the dollar store) to mixed media coil bound pads to handmade junk journals, you can work in all of these depending on your mood. In recent years, I have found journals to be indispensable for when you don't know what to make. And they offer the most freedom to be creative without worrying about the end result. 2. Scissors -. A fine-ti