Simple Any Occasion Handmade Card with A Rubber Stamp

Sometimes you need to make a card quick that fits any occasion. We'll show you how to create a card you can give someone for a birthday or just because. All you need is one piece of card stock, a rubber stamp (one that looks good stamped as a pattern), an ink pad and a colored marker. With some simple folding, you can complete your card in just a few of minutes.

First take a piece of card stock (white works nicely) and score it at the 5.5 inch line (the long side). Next, score and fold your folded paper at the 4.25 inch line.

Traditionally, a card opens on the right side, so place the fold on the left and other fold is along the top of the card.

You can score using an Xacto knife, just be sure to not apply much pressure and ruler. Tip: you can use a closed pair of scissors to score paper.

Our Color Me Daisies Rubber Stamp is a pretty design that repeat stamps nicely. It measures approximately 3 inches x 3 inches in size. Unfold your paper so that you are looking at the front of the card. (This is the right side of your unopened paper.) Place a paper towel under your card to catch the excess design. Ink and stamp making sure you cover each of the corners by some portion of the stamp design. You do have to ink the stamp each time you go to use it. Also, it's ok that some of the design falls onto what is the back of the card.

Color in the background between the designs. I found that alcohol markers worked best since they blend better with the paper over water based markers. You can use watercolor pencils or use shades of the same color marker for a different effect. 

Take a fancy sentiment sticker and place it onto a coordinating strip of paper and glue it on top. I also added some jeweled embellishments because actually almost any ribbon, button, die cut would look good on this type of card!

I added a Happy Birthday sticker to the inside.

Adding a cute cat sticker on the front makes it an any occasion card. This is a simple project that is easy and requires minimal supplies. Normally, crafters want to layer, layer, layer when it comes to making a card, but with repeat stamping, you create a card that looks fancy in under five minutes! We have many flower design rubber stamps in our catalog that would work perfectly with this method, like our Magnolia Blossom Rubber Stamp or Wildflower Bunch Rubber Stamp, both are about the same size around 3 inch x 3 inches.

Story Scrapbook Page

Whether you have photos from places you've travelled or have pictures of places you'd like to someday visit, making a scrapbook page is a great way to create your story. In this paper project, we combine pictures, artwork prints, stamps and paper scraps to create an Italian inspired 12x12 page. 

We create each card individually so you can complete this project in a short time or over several days. Each card is essentially a journal card.  To put them altogether, you can use clear, pre-configured scrapbook pages or 12x12 card stock. The page protectors come with pockets already to slide your photo or card in. To search for these, use the term 'Scrapbook Page Protectors' and many companies make them as full 12x12 or ones that feature pockets like what we used here.

Or, if you don't want to use page protectors, you can just use 12x12 card stock and tape the cards on. (I'll show how to add tape to the back and fold lines if you opt to create a foldable one).

For this layout I made 4) 4x6 cards and 4) 3x4 cards, so 8 cards total. Each one features something about the country of Italy that is unique. Some of the inspiration for Italy features: Italian shoes, vineyards, Chianti, scooters, Opera, a fashion ticket, pizza, and oranges. I had printouts of Boticelli's 'Birth of Venus' and of the Venice canals, as well as a print of a map of Italy.  

I couldn't help but think of certain movies that inspired some of the cards, like the opera and oranges from Godfather III. For the scooter and pizza from Eat, Pray, Love and the Casino Royale for the Venice canals. Every film in Italy features wine, so our Wine and Cheese Rubber Stamp was a must fo this. You may find other inspirations and mementos for your project. I know you will have fun creating your journey.

Our Rolling Hills Vineyard Rubber Stamp looks awesome on a post card themed card stock. I took our Orange Branch Rubber Stamp and cut it out, adding a bit of gray for shading. It frames Venus print and appears like her hair is flowing into the oranges (the original artwork is so beautiful, but we're journaling here, lol).

The Opera Playbill Rubber Stamp is a large stamp measuring about 3 in x 4 in, so I had to trim it to fit it onto the 4x6 card. I added our Chandelier Silhouette Rubber Stamp and a ticket from Fashion Tickets Rubber Stamp Set to complete the opera theme.

The country of Italy's shape is nicknamed 'lo stivale' which means 'the boot' because of its shape. I decided to use our Fashion Pump Rubber Stamp onto the map to represent the shape reference and a nod to the wonderful Italian shoe makers. The stamp measures about 3 inches wide and fit perfectly onto the 3x4 card. Also, its nice solid design looks good in black ink on the map paper.

I was also able to use a portion of International Thank You Rubber Stamp which shows the word, 'Grazie' next to our Flourish Latte Rubber Stamp.

Our Renaissance Girl Rubber Stamp looks good with this layout. I also used the words from this stamp onto the Venice canals print.

Our Scooter Rubber Stamp goes well with any European themed project or card. I used Copic Markers to color it in making it a classic mint green color to go with the overall green theme.

To keep most of the cards thin, I used Elmers Extreme Glue Stick to place the cutout designs onto each card. I used paper scraps like the green and gray strips from leftover cuts to create a type of stylized roadway for the scooter.

If you decide to make this project onto a 12x12 card stock, you will have to trim all of your cards so they are a tiny less than 3x4 and 4x6 in size. Lay all of the cards onto the 12x12. Add a swatch of double stick tape to the back of each. 

Furthermore, if you want to make the entire project foldable, add score lines: 1 vertically at 6 inches and 2 horizontally at the 4 inch and 8 inch marks.

Test fold your project and once you are happy with how it folds, finish adding double stick tape to all 4 corners of each card.

Folding the project is optional and only if you want to store it this way or place it in an envelope to mail. This is a great project to exchange with a crafting friend. Decide on a color and/or theme together. Call it a 'Story Scrapbook Page' it works whether you're telling a story or creating one!

Stamping a New Journal Cover

Take any sketch book or journal that has a spiral or coil binding and make a new customized cover by rubber stamping.  The secret it to use a blank page out of the book and glue it back onto the cover and I will share with you how to do this.

For this project, I used a mixed media journal by Strathmore with a coil binding and 90 lb pages.

Easily tear out a page. 

I decided to apply a beautiful acrylic paint, Metallic Teal with a sponge brush. But if you do not wish to paint, you can apply stamping ink with sponge brushes or daubers, or spritz alcohol inks.

For the centerpiece of the cover, I stamped our Water Beads Rubber Stamp onto card stock that I had added 3 different Distress Oxide inks with a sponge.

I then stamped our Art Soul Life Rubber Stamp with Palette's Hybrid Noir ink.

I stamped our Floral Corners Rubber Stamp directly onto the painted page. Our Floral Corners Rubber Stamp features two intricately detailed stamps. You can use the stamp without cutting it apart or cut them apart and stamp with them separately. Note: Distress Oxide inks must be heat set with a heat gun when stamping on acrylic surfaces.

To add strength to the Art Soul Life rectangle, I glued some chip board to the back from recycled packaging.

Our Large Sunflower Rubber Stamp (measures about 3 inches x 3 inches) was stamped onto white card stock and colored in. It will be used in the corner behind the Art Soul Life piece. (Originally, I was just going to stamp the design onto the painted page, but decided to have a brighter centerpiece so the original stamping was covered).

To assemble, I first glued the Sunflower stamp cutout onto the page. I then used foam tape to apply the Art Soul Life in the middle of the page. Adding a little glitter heart cutout in the corner. As a final step, I applied glue (glue stick) to the back of the page and carefully placed each back through the coils onto the original cover.

Mixed media journal books are excellent to paint and stamp on because they usually feature awesomely thick paper. Since these books tend to stay around for a while, I hope you will decide to 'redecorate' your next journal. Or purchase one, personalize the cover and give as a special gift to someone! Happy stamping everyone.

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