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Zebra Bottle Cap Magnet Ring

Here's how to get started with this fun project. Materials needed: Rubber stamp (an icon or single subject stamp works best.)  Shrink film (I used Grafix film in white.  Black or opaque film works great, too.) StazOn Jet Black ink (a solvent ink that dries fast on glossy surfaces) Bottle cap (1 inch silver with magnet built in) Metal adjustable ring blank Large scissors Solvent based markers Heat gun or oven Deep Red Stamps Zebra  stamp measures, 2.75"wide  x 3.1" tall Draw a circle around the design and cut it out using any scissors.  Decide to trim the design later depending on the size of your bottle cap. Cutting the shrink plastic before heating makes it easier to trim once hardened since our desired final size is a circle. I chose to heat shrink with a heat gun.  The recommended method is to bake in an oven.  Build a corral with acrylic blocks so the plastic doesn't fly across the table. Use a pencil or X-Acto knife to