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Fireflies in a Mason Jar

When you paint or color on yellow paper, it is easy to create a night time look.  Our Mason Jar Rubber Cling Stamp is a fun stamp to capture fire flies. Start by stamping or embossing the Mason Jar onto a yellow colored paper.  You can use yellow card stock that even has a little design to it. For those that have never embossed: Embossing is an easy method with rubber stamps that creates a 'wow' factor on paper. Our Mason Jar stamp is an excellent stamp for this. To emboss, you will need an special ink pad (like VersaMark or Ranger) that puts down a sticky surface so that the powder adheres to it. You then sprinkle  embossing powder  onto the design.  Then use a heat gun to 'melt' the powder so it becomes hardened, and thus, permanent. Use oil pastels or water color pencils to color in the jar in blue.  Use both light and dark hues. Use a watercolor pen or paint brush and some water to spread the ink/paint around. Add additional color as needed but le

LOL & Make Someone's Day

An LOL booklet: It's 6 pages of 5 inch x 7 inch papers that feature stamped funny sayings and designs. The white paper insert on each page allows you to stamp with many different color inks. It was super fun designing this booklet.  We have so many stamps that are perfect for making an LOL card (or booklet in this case) for someone special that needs cheering up or who always has a smile for everyone. First, choose the color scheme for your pages. You don't want to use too thick a card stock because someone has to flip through the pages.  Regular card stock pads that you buy at the craft store or online retailer, like the 8.5 x 11 or 12x12 paper pads work great and the color options are limitless.  I always like to lay out my color card stock before any project to coordinate the look. Cut 7 pages of 5 inch by 7 inch pieces. This can be textured or smooth paper. Then, use a smooth card stock and cut 6 pieces of 4.5 inch x 6 inch. The white paper is what you wi