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Decipher Tool and Free Template

Encoding messages has been around since the time of Caesar. When researching how to make a decipher tool, I realized how much it is relevant today with encryption of our data transmissions on computers and phones. The inspiration for creating this fun tool, was from the Netflix movie, Enola Holmes.  It's set back in victorian times and Enola is the sister of Sherlock Holmes. The decipher tool that she uses to communicate with her mother is so cutely decorated, so I had to make one & share it with you!  Here is the link to download the template that you can print, cut it out and decorate: This is a fun game to include in your correspondence with friends or use it to hide your passwords for websites. Either way, it is a great process to challenge your mind and bring some vintage flair to written letters. The decipher tool fits nicely onto a 3 inch x 4 inch pocket card. Pocket cards can be made from any paper. I like to use a c