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Rubber Stamped Coasters

 Handmade wooden coasters with rubber stamped designs, here is the 'how to.' A pack of wooden circles are inexpensive and can be found at Wal-Mart, or craft supply stores.  This package used in this project came with quantity 6 pieces for about $1. Prepare the surface of the wood by brushing a coat of water based sealer.  Optionally, you can use actual wood sealer in clear or a light color from a home improvement store (requires light sanding in between coats).  I only applied one coat of water-based sealer and allowed to fully dry (2 to 5 minutes). Stamp with resist pad (VersaMark 'Frost' was used in this project, but any resist pad will work. Add embossing powder of your choice of color.  Darker colors stand out more.  You can use gold, silver, glitter, etc. The best way to easily remove any excess embossed particles is with an X-acto knife. Rubber stamps featured: Anchor