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Custom Coloring Book

Crafting, coloring, and basically creating art are essential, especially during these times. Art therapy has been proven to benefit your well being. Whether its relaxing after a hard day or passing the time, coloring is fun and doesn't require many tools.  For crafters who love to rubber stamp, making a customized coloring book of your favorite designs is easy. If not for yourself, then make a coloring book for someone else. They will love that it's handmade! All you need are rubber stamps and basic office supplies that you can get at the grocery store. Items needed: Rubber Stamps and Ink School folder with 3 metal clasps in the binding (found in any office supply section.) White office paper (optional: card stock and/or watercolor paper). Hole Punch Pencil Take the school folder, turn it the long way and trim so that it's 6 1/2 inches wide. This leaves you with 2 metal clips inside. If the folder has pockets, they will be in the part that's trimmed a