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Chocolate Box Tutorial and Free Template

We have a free chocolate box template that accommodates a Hershey bar that you can decorate. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season or any special occasion. I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan. So, working on a chocolate box design, I couldn't help but think of the scene in season 6 where Rory calls to find out if Loralie is coming to her 21st Birthday Party..... LUKE: They're making the chocolate boxes right now, and she needs to know if you're coming so they can make you one. LORELAI: I didn't know I was invited. LUKE: She said she sent you an invitation. LORELAI: I didn't know it was from her. (a bit louder and closer to the phone, Luke holds the phone up for her) I didn't know it was from you! RORY: Well, it was. Is she coming or not? LORELAI: Yes, I-I'm coming. I want a chocolate box. This chocolate box will make an awesome gift. Here is the link to download the free Chocolate Box Template: Print out th

3 Circle Bookmark and Coloring Tips

Bookmarks are always a blast to make especially when you have some awesome rubber stamps! For this project, we use 3 circles, either die cut or cut out by hand. When you attach them to a ribbon, you get a bookmark that bends and flows. This project is also flexible in what you use to combine everything so let's get started. You will need: Rubber Stamps (3 to 5) Card stock Tape Ribbon Take 3 rubber stamps and stamp them onto card stock. If you plan to color them in, use a light colored smooth card stock. If not coloring and going for the line art look, use any color card stock and your favorite ink. The first stamp I am using is  Reading Garden  stamped with Palette Hybrid black ink. I colored the design using watercolor pencils (Derwent Inktense).  Tip: when using watercolor pencils and a water brush, it is always best take the pencil and color on a scrap paper then pick up the ink from the scratch paper with the brush. This way, you know what color you are getting and there are no