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How to Color Cars

Coloring in cars is a lot of fun and it goes fast when you have an inspiration page of real photographs to see which colors to use and where to place shading and highlights. We have so many vehicle rubber stamps and these are just a few of them. Thanks for visiting us here to see how to color in each one, with added tips and tricks for creating shading and chrome bumpers. Cars, in real life, feature deep color areas and bright accent lines. I used Copic markers for these, but use your favorite brand. Having a white gel pen for the highlights is optional. Let's start with our  VW Bug Rubber Cling Stamp . To achieve the color teal, I first used a light green for the base and Mint Blue (or any light blue) on top of the green. Tip: always save a piece of the paper you have stamped on to test your marker color(s) before coloring on the stamped image. Above: Photograph left and VW Bug stamped on right. Next, this  Chevy Bel Air Rubber Cling Stamp  was made turquoise