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Simple Any Occasion Handmade Card with A Rubber Stamp

Sometimes you need to make a card quick that fits any occasion. We'll show you how to create a card you can give someone for a birthday or just because. All you need is one piece of card stock, a rubber stamp (one that looks good stamped as a pattern), an ink pad and a colored marker. With some simple folding, you can complete your card in just a few of minutes. First take a piece of card stock (white works nicely) and score it at the 5.5 inch line (the long side). Next, score and fold your folded paper at the 4.25 inch line. Traditionally, a card opens on the right side, so place the fold on the left and other fold is along the top of the card. You can score using an Xacto knife, just be sure to not apply much pressure and ruler. Tip: you can use a closed pair of scissors to score paper. Our  Color Me Daisies Rubber Stamp  is a pretty design that repeat stamps nicely. It measures approximately 3 inches x 3 inches in size. Unfold your paper so that you are looking at the front of t