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Snowflakes and Christmas Tree Card

We're sharing a new crafting discovery in this project: the secret to stamping on black paper.....paint the paper with black acrylic paint.  It dries fast and is ready to apply stamps in just a few seconds.  You can, of course, paint any color paper black, but I used black paper and chalk stamping ink for this project.   This card measures 5.5" x 5.5" (13,9 cm x 13,9 cm).  Our Seasons Greetings Tree Rubber Stamp measures, 2.2" x 3.1" (5,5 cm x 7,8 cm)  and was stamped on a pearl cardstock in a bright blue ink.  The Snowflake Background Rubber Stamp was stamped onto the pearl paper in 2 shades of blue, chalk ink around the Christmas Tree.  This stamp measure 2" x 3" (5 cm x 7,6 cm) and can be stamped in all different directions to create a background pattern.     The 2 shades of blue chalk stamping ink stand out so much on black paper when you brush black acrylic paint onto the surface first.  The matte finish of the paint shows