Corset Collage Card, French and Asian Fusion

I start each project with selecting my stamp. Then, I choose my color scheme for the papers. For this 5.5" x 5.5" (13,9 cm x 13,9 cm) card, I choose a beige, cream, and red mahogany scheme.  I start by cutting cream-white, glittery cardstock to 11" and folding it in half.  I wanted to create a romantic feel so I choose the Corset Collage Rubber Stamp as the focus.  The photo print of a vintage girl (unknown) is printed on glossy photo paper and is quite small in size, 1.5" x 2" (3,8 cm x 5 cm).

Additional papers used are a brown/beige textured paper, red shiny cardstock, matte red paper (printed with a distressed pattern and featuring script), and beige paper (featuring Asian character print that surprisingly matched beautifully).  Both printed papers are from an Asian themed 12 x 12 stack. The French toile paper is cream/yellow and the die cut lattice paper is a red matte textured cardstock. Hence, the Asian and French fusion!

To color in the corset and flowers, I used the Tombow markers (set of 72) which has many light, pastel colors.  The flowers are magnolias, so a white gel pen was used to highlight them, which showed up perfectly on the cream paper.  I love this stamp because it includes french text in the background and a butterfly.  When you give the corset and flowers a shadow with grey marker, it really make it stand out over the text. Stamp ink is a sepia brown on the same beige paper as the first matte layer (5.25" x 5.25").  The butterfly can be any color and look good.  If I had any real talent at coloring, my butterfly would look better :)

The lattice die cut in red was trimmed so that it became corners over the toile paper.  The vintage girl photo, matted 2 times, was placed at an angle on the side so that you could still see the toile paper underneath.

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