Old Friends Card

"Old Friends" card project by InkStains with Roni
I received such a nice email about a stamp in our catalog, 'Old Friends' and wanted to share it: 
"There are plenty of modern stuff on stamps in the market, however, Senior Citizens and elderly people are rarely celebrated on stamps. So THANK YOU FOR whoever drew the "Old FRIENDS" clingstamp. I absolutely love it! Perhaps a lot more than other customers because I work with Senior Citizens / the elderly community. Thank you for the design of the stamp and making them available. I really do love it!
Ivette C. from North Syracuse, New York

To make this 5" x 7"card, Roni begins with black, textured cardstock as the base. She then makes a red matte and a white matte.  She uses textured paper for all of the mattes and smooth paper for the white. Roni then stamps the 'Old and New Friends' rubber stamp on the large white card matte near the bottom (text stamp measuring 3.1" wide x 1.3" tall) or (7,8 cm x 3,3 cm).

For the top part of the card, she cuts a 4" x 4" black matte.  The 'Old Friends' rubber stamp and is stamped in black ink on white, smooth cardstock, (photo stamp) measures 3" wide x 2.8" tall (7,6 cm x 7,1 cm).  A red, textured cardstock is added and glued onto the black matte. Adding a glittered heart in the corner is Roni's touch of sparkle.

Thanks to Roni for creating this card, and a special thanks to Ivette for sending us such a great note!
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Old and New Friends Rubber Stamp (photo stamp)
Old Friends Rubber Stamp (text stamp)

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