Fireflies in a Mason Jar

When you paint or color on yellow paper, it is easy to create a night time look.  Our Mason Jar Rubber Cling Stamp is a fun stamp to capture fire flies.
Start by stamping or embossing the Mason Jar onto a yellow colored paper.  You can use yellow card stock that even has a little design to it.
For those that have never embossed:
Embossing is an easy method with rubber stamps that creates a 'wow' factor on paper. Our Mason Jar stamp is an excellent stamp for this. To emboss, you will need an special ink pad (like VersaMark or Ranger) that puts down a sticky surface so that the powder adheres to it. You then sprinkle embossing powder onto the design.  Then use a heat gun to 'melt' the powder so it becomes hardened, and thus, permanent.
Use oil pastels or water color pencils to color in the jar in blue.  Use both light and dark hues.
Use a watercolor pen or paint brush and some water to spread the ink/paint around.
Add additional color as needed but leave the center of the jar with little coloring.
Using a white gel pen, draw in your fireflies!
The Mason Jar stamp is a stamp that you will use over and over again.  You will think of new fun things to place 'inside' of the jar.  Above, I added a punched border with a fancy lacy pattern, some crystals and our Bumblebee Rubber Cling Stamp.
Some other examples of the Mason Jar Stamp include our Zebra Rubber Cling Stamp,(the letter Z and some embellishments were added to create an alphabet trading card),  Dragonfly Flourish Rubber Cling Stamp and Miss Sunshine Rubber Cling Stamp.
One final note: You can stamp the Mason Jar onto several surfaces, cut them out and piece them together. The lid was stamped onto copper sticker paper.  The bottom of the jar was stamped onto blue glitter paper, then cut with wave scissors to create the look of water.  Our Water Droplets Rubber Cling Stamp on white paper and trimmed to fit inside the jar makes up the top part.

Above is Dragonfly Flourish Rubber Cling Stamp embossed in gold with water color pencils coloring in the jar. A white gel pen was used to color in the wings and body of the dragonfly.
Overall, our Mason Jar stamp is one of our most popular stamps and you can see why.  So many ways to create a fun handmade greeting card or express yourself on a journal page. What will you put in your Mason Jar? Have fun everyone!

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