Color Theory in a Pumpkin Patch

I had an absolute fun time coloring in pumpkins this weekend.  Something finally 'clicked' in my coloring ability and I advanced my skill level.  I read a tip on how to get your markers to blend directly onto paper.  And I'm going to share how I did this with you!

Pumpkin Patch Rubber Stamp
StazOn Ink Pad (any dark color)
Solvent markers (Bic, Sharpie, Copic, or your favorite brand).  You will need a light colored one for the base.  I used Copic's,  Barely Beige, but any light color marker will do.
Yellow Marker (Y18 Yellow)
Red Marker (R24 Prawn)

Color in your entire pumpkin with the beige marker first, doing only one pumpkin at a time. 

Then take your yellow marker and go over the beige you just colored in.

Next, take your red marker and start in the darker areas and brush towards the middle of the pumpkin, going over the yellow.

After you're finished with red, grab the same yellow marker and go over the both colors.  You will see the blending take place in front of your eyes. Magic.  Apparently, the base color (beige) allows the colors on top to mix together.  And the was on just plain, off white cardstock paper, no fancy art paper needed.

The same blending was done on the leaves, except using various shades of green markers on top of the same beige marker base.  At the end, I took a white gel pen as a highlight all over. 

So, I also applied my new found coloring skills to the Pumpkin Harvest Rubber Stamp.  For this one, I was able to use a brown palette of markers for the wooden cart.

Zebra Bottle Cap Magnet Ring

Here's how to get started with this fun project. Materials needed: Rubber stamp (an icon or single subject stamp works best.)...